We are internationally networked

… and independent at the same time

If a matter requires knowledge of another legal system or representation in another country, we rely on our networks. One of our strengths is our excellent connections to lawyers worldwide while remaining independent. We are not tied to partner law firms, but can decide on a case-by-case basis which law firm is the best choice for our clients in the respective jurisdiction.

Mackrell International

As a founding member of the international law firm network Mackrell International, we have a large number of good personal contacts to legal experts worldwide. Mackrell International was founded in 1987 and currently consists of about 90 law firms with 170 offices and 4,500 professionals in 60 countries. All law firms have comprehensive expertise in commercial law.

Personal contact counts. That is why we regularly participate in large numbers in the bi-annual network meetings, which last several days and are held in one of the world’s metropolises, and exchange views on current or industry-specific topics via video conferences. This creates mutual trust and a sense of responsibility and ensures quality and reliability in our work for recommended clients.

The network is based purely on recommendations. The member firms are legally and economically independent of each other and assume no liability for each other. Mandates are issued separately in each case.

For more information, please visit the Mackrell International website.

Grimaldi Alliance

SLB LAW is a member of the independent network Grimaldi Alliance, which has its origin and focus in Italy. Grimaldi connects about 82 offices and 300 professionals in 70 jurisdictions.

For more information, please visit the Grimaldi Alliance website.

We are networked internationally

Should a matter require knowledge of another legal system or representation in another country, we confidently make use of our network.



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