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We specialize in providing long-term, trustworthy advice and support to family offices and have decades of experience in this area. As part of our all-round service, we support family offices and entrepreneurial families in the establishment or restructuring of companies, in investments in shareholdings, real estate, art or classic vehicles, as well as in succession planning.

Design and structuring of a family office

Every entrepreneur has his own values and ideas, every family member his own interests and goals. Designing a suitable solution for a family office is therefore a highly individual matter. We have the necessary experience and expertise and together we will find the right solution, from the establishment of a family holding company, such as a family foundation, to the restructuring of existing companies with a focus on succession planning or the implementation of advisory and supervisory board structures or family governance.

Asset management and bank

If a family office is supported by an asset management company or a bank, it is important to have the right asset management agreement and suitable bank agreements. As a specialist in banking and capital markets law, attorney Dr. Louis Rönsberg is a proven expert in the field of banking & finance as well as administrator, advisor and bank liability. Attorney Martin Zeil was general counsel of a private bank for 10 years and knows the internal processes and concerns. Attorney-at-law Dr. Christian Strassberger has been successfully representing clients in financing transactions for many years.

Investment and transaction support

In addition to the economic risk, investments of a family office always involve legal risks, for example in the form of warranty exclusions, shortened limitation periods, unfavorable choice of law and jurisdiction clauses or problematic conditions. Our specialist lawyers for commercial and corporate law draft and negotiate investment contracts or review third-party contracts and identify and evaluate the disadvantages contained therein, for example in joint ventures and corporate investments, real estate transactions or bond issues. For international investments, we confidently draw on our proven law firm networks.

Art and cultural assets

Art, antiques and classic vehicles not only enrich life, but also serve as alternative capital investments. However, the acquisition, transport, storage, lending and sale of art and cultural assets require specific legal expertise. For example, the terms of consignment or auction should be reviewed prior to an auction and, in the case of a private sale, the relevant contracts, from the NDA to the purchase agreement. If art and cultural property is imported or exported, the Cultural Property Protection Act must be observed. Attorney-at-law Dr. Louis Rönsberg specializes in art and cultural property law and has been named by Handelsblatt in “Germany’s Best Lawyers” for art law.

Real estate law

Acquiring and selling as well as developing and managing land and houses requires specific expertise in real estate law, private building law as well as tenancy and lease law. Attorney-at-law Dr. Christian Strassberger, head of the real estate law practice group at SLB LAW, has this expertise and has been advising family offices extensively in this area for many years. He accompanies real estate transactions from the drafting and negotiation of the purchase agreement to the notary appointment and assisted in real estate development.

Succession planning and wills

Experience shows that a generational change is the stress test for the family office. It is therefore advisable to plan, design and legally secure the succession at an early stage. This starts with the choice of the right corporate form and the drafting of suitable clauses in the partnership agreements as well as the drafting of well thought-out wills. If the composition of the family or the goals and wishes of the testator change, existing structures should be legally adapted accordingly. We have been advising family offices and entrepreneurial families on succession planning for many years and work out the appropriate solution together.

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