My recipe for success: legal expertise, accuracy and solution-oriented, pragmatic thinking.

My range of advice is diverse and varied. Art and real estate law form a sharp contrast between tangible, real-life issues and abstract, complex, very far-reaching legal questions. These two focal points are complemented by insurance law, which provides interesting intersections with both art and real estate law.

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In real estate law, the focus of my expertise lies in the support of transactions. I provide comprehensive advice in the run-up (due diligence) and during the execution of the transaction. In particular with regard to special real estate (hotels, department stores, parking garages, etc.) I have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. Outside of transactions, I also handle leases (commercial leases and residential leases) and generally advise on legal issues of all kinds that arise in connection with real estate.

In the field of art law, I am available to advise on all legal issues relating to art objects. This covers various areas of law, including copyright law, sales law, private international law, property law issues and the Cultural Property Protection Act. In addition, I advise on art forgery, the purchase and sale of art objects, loan and rental contracts for art objects, restitution cases, and the repatriation of looted art or art objects of colonial origin.

In insurance law, E&O and D&O insurances are my main focus.

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