Brewery Law

Brewery law has a number of special features: As a food item, beer is subject to special controls (food law). In addition, breweries traditionally have an industry-specific distribution system (beer supply contracts, restaurant law). Our experienced lawyers are deeply familiar with the industry.

In addition to traditional brewery law, our lawyers also advise and represent breweries on the purchase or sale of breweries or brewery real estate (pubs, beer gardens), on financing in the brewery sector (venture capital, private equity) or on issues relating to stock corporation law (stock breweries).

Advice and representation in brewery law

  1. Beverage supply contracts, beer supply contracts, beverage wholesaler contracts

    • Drafting of contracts / law governing general terms and conditions
    • Termination / Revocation
    • Compensation for damages
    • Shortage of supply / external supply
  2. Restaurant law (lease law / provision of inventory)

  3. Vending machine installation contract

  4. Real estate law of breweries

    • Advice on the acquisition or sale of brewery real estate
    • Advice in the event of infringement of public easements (e.g. ban on serving beer)
  5. Succession planning and inheritance law for breweries

  6. Sale / purchase of breweries (M&A, due diligence)

  7. Financing in the brewery industry

    • Credit law / collateral
    • Private equity / venture capital / mezzanine capital
    • Bond issuance for breweries
  8. Labor law for breweries

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If you have further questions on the subject of brewery law or restaurant law, these lawyers at our law firm will be happy to help.

Dr. Louis Rönsberg

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Dr. Louis Rönsberg
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(Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht)

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Dr. Christian Strassberger
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Certified Specialist Lawyer for Corporate and Commercial Law
Dr. Christian Strassberger
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