SLB Kloepper Rechtsanwälte Anwälte

Our Lawyers

SLB Kloepper is formed by a team of seven experienced lawyers. Beyond years of competence gained in all areas of commercial law some of our lawyers are additionally qualified as certified public accountant (Wirtschaftsprüfer), certified specialist lawyer for corporate and commercial law, certified specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law and certified specialist lawyer for labour law.


Rechtsanwalt Dr. Winfried Klöpper     Rechtsanwalt Martin Zeil     Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christian Strassberger

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Oliver Baumann     Rechtsanwalt Ferdinand Prinz zur Lippe     Rechtsanwältin Ulrike Dörrie

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Louis Rönsberg     Rechtsanwalt Emil Brodski      Rechtsanwältin Sandra Bendler-Pepy

 Rechtsanwalt Dr. Max Josef Böck     Rechtsanwältin Jocelyne Bouares, LL.M.     Rechtsanwältin Dr. Patrizia Renna


Rechtsanwältin Kathrin Kalb, LL.M.     Rechtsanwältin Julia Obletter