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Real Estate and Construction

Real estate is an integral part of any private and company asset for generations to come. However, the legal framework is complex. Real estate related contracts (rent, lease, usufruct, corporate spin-offs) are binding for a long period, mistakes will have a corresponding long-term effect.
In case of compulsory administration and auctions the legal situation is complicated. It is essential to have insight into business practices and legal rules. We have considerable practical experience and give legal advice with regard to:

General Real Estate Law:

  • Advice on real estate transactions such as buying and selling
  • Legal review (due diligence) on real estate transactions

Commercial leases:

  • Drafting of commercial lease and rental agreements
  • Contract adjustments

Housing Tenancy:

  • Drafting of private rental and lease contracts
  • Termaination letters
  • Raise / reduction of rent
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Operating costs

Private and Public Construction Law:

  • Construction contract
  • VOB (German Construction Contract Procedures Law) parts A, B and C
  • Project Development / Project Management
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Construction planning and building code
  • Public site development

Agency Law:

  • Drafting of real estate agent agreements
  • Enforcement of / defense against agent commission claims

Real Property Law:

  • Advising real estate owners
  • Advising real estate and property management
  • Appeal against decisions by the board of condominium apartment owners
  • Application for public housing benefits
  • Conflict Management / Mediation


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