SLB Kloepper Rechtsanwälte Tätigkeitsgebiete

Labour Law

Due to frequent changes in legislation and a complex case law the German Labour Law is demanding and requires in-depth knowledge.
In order to find the optimum solution it is important to know employers' and employees' rights. SLB Rechtsanwälte gives legal advice to and represents corporations as well as entrepreneurs in all areas of individual and collective labour law.

Our legal services include

  • Legal advice to employers in all human resources matters.
  • Legal advice and representation when terminating an employment contract (dismissal, termination agreements, ...).
  • Drafting and reviewing of employment contracts and related agreements.
  • Representation in arbitration committee proceedings (Einigungsstellenverfahren).
  • Legal advice on strategic workforce reduction.
  • Legal advice regarding the restructuring of companies.
  • Legal advice in all M&A related employment matters.
  • Comprehensive legal representation at all labour courts.

Selection of major projects

  • Extensive legal services / representation of well-known French truck manufacturer regarding shut-down of company headquarter and sale of all truck centers.
  • Legal services for industrial companies all well as medium sized businesses and senior management (2000 – today).
  • Ongoing legal services / representation of German subsidiaries of a European mineral oil concern company (2003 – today).
  • Ongoing legal services / representation of a renowned Bavarian domestic fuel oil company in all aspects of labour law / collective bargaining agreements (2005 – today).
  • Legal services regarding restructuring project of different divisions of German subsidiary of a European mineral oil concern company.
  • Ongoing legal services / representation of all German subsidiaries of European manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles (2007 – today).
  • Legal services / representation regarding investor buy out of the renewable energies division of a large energy company.
  • Legal counsel of Buyer Company regarding selling of domestic fuel division of a mineral oil company to competitor.
  • Legal services / representation of Buyer Company regarding take-over of breweries by respected Bavarian brewery company.
  • Legal services / representation of investor regarding restructuring and shut-down of large mail order company in the textile sector (Arcandor concern subsidiary).
  • Legal services / representation of well-known European bus manufacturer regarding relocation and partial shut-down.
  • Legal services / representation of investor regarding purchase of divisions of well-known German industrial bakery. Representation regarding change of tariff negotiations with unions.
  • Legal services / representation of an international school with 1000 pupils and more than 200 employees regarding all employment and work's council related matters (1995 - today).
  • Legal services / representation of an international forwarder with more than 500 employees.
  • Ongoing services to international sea and airfreight companies regarding the structuring of transformations.
  • Legal services / representation of large Japanese engine manufacturer regarding setup of sales representatives structure.
  • Legal services to a Swiss engineering corporation regarding permanent establishment and employment of permanent agents.


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