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Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Media and Competition Law

Intellectual property, trade secrets and (corporate) personality rights (even of your company) are important assets for any business. The development, licensing and protection of the rights in these assets, but also the defense against infringement accusations relating to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or other IP rights, typically entail a lot of effort and cost. In a media context (press, TV, Internet) transparency must be observed; furthermore (corporate and private) personality rights might be particularly severely affected. We can assist you in the protection of your rights and, if necessary, in their enforcement.

In the areas of copyright use/licensing, publishing and Internet, press/media, trademarks and patents we can offer you our experience of many years and our excellent relations to other players in the industry. We can assist you in the development and implementation of your IP strategy.

We can advise and represent you for example in the following areas:

Trademarks and Domains

  • Worldwide administration of your trademarks and related portfolios including: applications, renewals, collision monitoring, enforcement, defense and litigation (cease and desists, preliminary injunctions, injunction and damages actions), correspondence and representation worldwide;
  • Registration of domains, dispute entries, domain/trademark infringement actions, advice and contract negotiations regarding acquisition and sale as well as leasing of domains.

Protection of your Business against Unfair Competition

  • Review of your own advertisements and standard terms and conditions as well as those of your competitors for compliance with the laws against unfair competition;
  • Protection of trade secrets and action against leaks of confidential information;
  • Enforcement of fair competition amongst competitors and defense against unjustified competition accusations;
  • Cease and desists, preliminary injunctions and litigation.


Internationally we cooperate with specialized partners.


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