SLB Kloepper Rechtsanwälte Tätigkeitsgebiete

Banking Law

Our German lawyers advise and represent clients all over Germany in all aspects of German banking law and German financial services law. In this rapidly changing field we have highly specialized knowledge and litigation experience spanning many years.

We provide advice and represent clients in the following fields:

  • Credit law
  • Conversion of debts / debt restructuring
  • Credit securities law (mortgage, hypothecary credit, guarantee)
  • Banking contract law
  • Leasing and Factoring
  • Bank account management
  • Litigation and out-of-court dispute resolution with customers or other banks
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Monetary transactions (bank transfers, online banking, check, credit card)


If you have any questions on German banking law, please contact German lawyer Louis G. Roensberg.

For all questions concerning German capital market law, please click here.



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Dr. Louis Rönsberg
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