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Art Law

Objects of art not only enrich our day to day life, but they are also important assets for individuals as well as for companies. Thorough legal and tax strategies are recommended when buying, owning and handing down works of art from one generation to the next. Trading of works of art requires specific legal expertise.

Advocate for German Art Law

Our lawyers advise and represent private and business clients all over Germany in all aspects of German art law.

We give legal advice and represent auctioneers, art collectors, art investors, gallery owners and museums in the field of fine and applied arts and the trading of art objects:

  • International art trading (German sales law, property, liability for defects)
  • Auction law (consignment, auction, execution)
  • Looted art and art restitution
  • Art insurance law
  • Gallery contracts
  • Loaning of art objects
  • Leasing of objects of art
  • Copyright
  • Transport of fine art
  • Liability of (certified) appraisers
  • Inheritance and anticipated transfer of objects of art


Dr. Louis Rönsberg was selected by his peers for inclusion in "The Best Lawyers in Germany" 2018, 2019 and 2020 for his work in Art Law.

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If you have any questions on German art law, please contact Dr. Louis Roensberg.



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